Larry Larson

The RFIC group is led by Dr. Lawrence E. Larson. Lawrence E. Larson received the BS degree in Electrical Engineering in 1979, and the M. Eng. degree in 1980, both from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY., He received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California -Los Angeles in 1986.

Dr. Larson has been involved in the development of ultrahigh frequency compound semiconductor transistor and integrated circuit technology. During the late 1980's he was a key member and leader of the team at Hughes Research Laboratories that developed the first high-reliability InP-based HEMT technology for spaceborne 60 GHz low-noise amplifier applications. These millimeter-wave amplifiers provided a dramatic improvement over prior generations of mmW low-noise amplifiers, dropping receiver noise figure from 12 dB to less than 2.5dB. In addition, Dr. Larson led the research group that extended InP-based HEMT technology into the integrated circuit area. His group was the first to demonstrate a high-performance InP-based MMIC technology, and his research led to a number of "firsts", including the first 44 GHz InP-based HEMT MMIC power amplifiers, with greater than 40% power-added efficiency, a 2 GHz low-noise MMIC amplifier with a noise figure of under 0.5 dB, and the world's fastest room temperature millimeter-wave integrated circuit - a VCO operating in the fundamental mode in excess of 210 GHz.

Dr. Larson led the research effort in the early 1990's that developed the first microwave and mmW applications of microelectronic-mechanical (MEMS) technologies, including the first MEMS switches for microwave applications. Dr. Larson holds many of the fundamental patents in this field. He also led the technical effort with a Hughes/IBM alliance for developing commercial applications of Si/SiGe HBT technology. His group was the first to use this technology to demonstrate high performance, microwave/millimeter wave (10 to 25 GHz) ICs in silicon-based technology in the early 1990's.

He joined the faculty at the University of California -San Diego, in 1996, where he is the inaugural holder of the Communications Industry Chair. He is currently Director of the UCSD Center for Wireless Communications. He was co-recipient of the 1996 Lawrence A. Hyland Patent Award of Hughes Electronics, for his work on low-noise millimeterwave HEMTs, the 1995 HRL sector Patent award for his work on RF MEMS technology, and the 1999 IBM Microelectronics Excellence Award for his work in Si/SiGe HBT technology. He has published over 150 papers, co-authored three books, has received 25 US patents, and is a Fellow of the IEEE.

At UCSD, he is the Director of the Center for Wireless Communications, where he is the inaugural holder of the Communications Industry Chair. Dr. Larson's research interests are in the area of microwave and millimeterwave devices and circuits, data conversion, and communications systems.

For a list of his publications, check the Publications page.

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